Wellness; a way of life.

Wellness; a way of life.

"Health is something we do for ourselves, not something that is done to us; a journey rather than a destination; a dynamic, holistic, and purposeful way of living." - Dr. Elliot Dacher

Our overall health is comprised of our daily habits. Quality nutrition, regular movement, and adequate sleep are simple investments we can make to optimize our bodies.

Eating fresh, whole, unprocessed foods over empty-calorie, chemical-laden junk food is a great first step. Switching focus from eating out of habit or boredom to truly eating to nourish our bodies will change our mindsets around food. Research has shown that people who eat breakfast have higher metabolic rates than people who skip this foundational meal. Developing a new habit of investing in a quality first meal of the day is an excellent way to revamp typical diets. Consider adding fun, new spices, and herbs to your regular recipes or trying out new veggies for a scramble!

Exercising for endurance is another excellent habit to cultivate. Getting in some kind of physical movement daily will do wonders for optimal health. Regular movement ensures we move stagnant energy from our bodies and helps oxygenate our cells. Start with dancing, going for walks in nature, or a gentle yoga or stretching practice to develop a daily habit of movement.

Being sure to get enough sleep is a critical component of health. During sleep, our bodies heal and rebuild and our minds process our thoughts and events of the day. Adequate sleep is a critical component of physical and mental wellness. Our internal clocks thrive on consistency. Investing in an early bedtime and regular waking schedule are invaluable gifts we can give ourselves to ensure mental clarity, proper immune function, and stamina.

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