Who We Are

C. Michael Pickens started Pac Crest Botanicals in 2020 with a passion for empowering individuals to pursue their dreams and take control of their health. 
Michael spent the previous decade fighting for cannabis legalization and working in sales/marketing building 2 of the now largest cannabis grows in Washington State.
Michael has served as the Northern Vice-Chairman of the Libertarian Party of California and Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Washington State. Michael has spoken and taught at numerous LP Conventions across the country, assisted with over 40 Libertarian campaigns, and created an online academy for leadership. Although Michael has stepped away from political activism, he is still a staunch supporter of personal liberty, non-aggression, and self-ownership.
Michael is a graduate of Bob Burg's Go Giver Entrepreneur Academy, Jack Canfield's Personal Empowerment Coaching Program, and the Morning Star Self-Management Institute.
Danielle Lynn is a student of herbalism with a passion for plant medicine and sustainable foraging. She desires to share her knowledge of the healing benefits of natural remedies with others and has found purpose in creating digital marketing for Pac Crest Botanicals. She enjoys educating others through content creation and community outreach.
Danielle was born in northwest Indiana and relocated to remote Alaska for 10 years before settling in Coastal Washington State. She enjoys hiking and exploring nature, wildcrafting and mushroom collecting.
She believes that the empowerment and healing of the human body and mind is the first necessary step in bringing about the next evolutionary phase of humanity. She advocates for voluntarily overcoming hundreds of years of separation from nature, accepting personal responsibility of daily habits and revaluating personal ethics codes within commerce. 


James Koch joins the Pac Crest team in 2020 after relocating to Washington State with the desire of enjoying retirement in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. James was an athlete during his attendance with The University of Arkansas studying Kinesiology and Agronomy. James later dedicated 10+ years in the transportation industry moving commercial goods across the country.

James developed a passion for cannabis while taking care of his mother who was diagnosed with Leukemia. Unable to utilize the healing power of this plant medicine in fear of losing insurance, she passed in 2017. James was led west looking to dedicate effort into making natural healing available to as many people as possible.
James is dedicated to the study and perfection of CBD Blends by identifying which cannabis strains, terpene profiles and cannabinoid isolation best match particular healing needs.