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Pac Crest Botanicals

7,000mg-10,000mg Full-Spectrum RSO

7,000mg-10,000mg Full-Spectrum RSO

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7,000mg-10,000mg Full-Spectrum High-CBD RSO with added Humulene and Limonene, and Beta- Caryophyllene.

Experience our clinically formulated high-CBD full-spectrum tincture, meticulously designed to harness the proven cancer-fighting properties of cannabinoids. Enhance your well-being with our medical-grade solution, providing natural support backed by scientific research and crafted with utmost precision.

Contains CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC.

Made with organic MCT oil.

Suggested serving:

.25ml (quarter dropper) 3-4 times a day.

120 servings per 1oz bottle.

Free of heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, microbials, and residual solvents.


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Customer Reviews

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Lancey Larson
Great product’s and speedy service

I’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer. I feel this outfit really has my back! Michael has given me a lot of encouragement and answers all my questions I have had. I’m on my second bottle of the 10,000 RSO. I’m also taking the Pain Relief 1000 mg CBD. My sleeping pattern has gone from not sleeping very well to sleeping solid 7-8 hours at night.these are great people with wonderful products. I’d encourage everyone to check out what they have. High quality all the way.

Kathleenn Melendez De Almeida
For cancer patient

First, I would like to say, thank you so much for the support when I needed it. Michael Pickens you are very kind and supportive.
Second, I brought this product for my mother, she is a breast cancer patient for 12 years. I heard so much about this product and I`m very excited for my mother to start using this product and have results.
Thank you so much!

Zach Mays
RSO for pets

My golden retriever is 15 years old and he could barely walk until I found this medicine and it’s given him another two years on his life. I can’t thank you enough.

10,000mg RSO Great Product Positive Results.

I have been using product for about 2 months now had my scan and one node is gone and the other are shrinking . Would recommend to anyone that is looking for great results. I have follicular lymphoma and will continue to use these product. I am so thankful for this product and for Michael in answering all my questions..

10,000mg RSO tincture for cancer/chronic pain

I met Mike in the cannabis industry about four years back in 2019, when I saw his post about working with doctors and helping cure cancer I didn’t hesitate to reach out. I was losing sleep over my sister who was in Chronic pain out of nowhere. Masses on her body started to form and grow and in six weeks time we were positive it was cancer, just waiting for the diagnosis. The biopsy happened the results came and she was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma cancer. My sister is in the beginning of her battle but is back to her NORMAL lifestyle because of this RSO tincture, the doctors are in awe but she’s living proof. My sister has obviously had to make lifestyle changes but she’s sleeping in her bed again not in a recliner, she’s working again, she homeschools her three out of four children; she’s teaching again, I don’t know how this stuff isn’t sold out but I’ve never been more thankful for a person or a product in my life. Im hoping this review will reach others who feel hopeless and in pain at all times.