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Pac Crest Botanicals

Girl Scout Cookies THC-O CBD Oil

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Each of our THC-O Terpene Blends are blended with terpenes matching the same terpene profiles found in some of the world's most iconic cannabis strains.

Regular Strength contains 500mg Full Spectrum CBD and 500mg of Delta 8 per bottle. (16mg CBD and 16mg of Delta 8 per serving.) 

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for Sleep or Play

I have fibromyalgia, so often after a long work week I do not feel like doing anything on my days off. This strain helps my body settle in and gets me out of bed. But it is also great for the reverse. If my inflammation is up at night, making it too uncomfortable for me to sleep, taking this strain also numbs me enough to comfortably lie down and doze off. Great thing about THC-O or Delta 8 is it does not take me out of the game for the day or wire my brain too much before bed like Delta 9 you get from dispensaries does. It is an all around better medical supplement.

Tammy Riemath
Focused & peaceful....

This product produced a nice relaxing feeling. It seemed to give the feeling of calm & focused. Different than full spectrum hemp oil in the since that I didn't feel like I wanted to take a nap or watch Bonanza all day long! LOL!
Great product! I cant wait to try more products from this company!
My Green Closet
Green Valley, AZ.