The Power of Energy

The Power of Energy

Energy. What is it exactly? Pneuma in Greek, Spiritus in Latin, Qi in Chinese, Ki in Japanese, Prana in Sanskrit, Neshamah in Hebrew. This force that gives animation to living things we refer to as energy is one of our most precious commodities. We see the suns energy as light, we can feel it's warmth. We hear the energy of an impending storm, we feel the forces of nature as wind, lighting and rain. We witness the birth and decay of plants as energy transfers through tiny seeds, into lush botanicals, and back into soil. Energy can be transferred through language as a verbal hello or a simple smile.

Energy truly is power in this world. Our bodies need nutrition and sustenance to transfer into energy for basic life function. Meditation and exercise are two more ways we utilize energy for our well-being and survival. We know when we are low on this mysterious force and when it's immense revitalization meets us.

Being able to harness your personal energy is truly an unmatchable skill. Learning to restore your stamina and recharge you spirit while feeling unmotivated or drained will set you up to take control of your days productivity, reach your goals, and live the life of your dreams.

Energy Hacks

Drink water- It's estimated that three quarters of our brains is water. Dehydration causes fatigue, lack of mental clarity and headaches.

Breathe- invest in mastering a few simple breathing techniques. You can regulated the oxygen flow in your blood giving yourself a burst of clarity simply with your breath.

Smile- When we smile, our brains release neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. The act of smiling literally improves your mood.

Get Outside- Oxygenate your cells by breathing in fresh air. Touch the ground and absorb minerals from the soil. Soak in the Sun's light. Enjoy the sensations of awe and wonderment.

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