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Dream Infusion- Relaxation Blend

Dream Infusion- Relaxation Blend

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Step into the realm of relaxed intuition and profound tranquility with Dream Infusion. This carefully curated blend of exotic botanicals combines the wisdom of ancient traditions with modern understanding to facilitate a deeper connection with your inner self triggering a deep, restful feeling.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery as you experience the synergistic effects of, Dream Herb Extract, Sun-Opener Extract, Damiana Extract, Mugwort Extract, Blue Lotus Extract, Sacred Lotus Extract, and Kanna Extract. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its unique properties to enhance meditation, promote a state of serene mindfulness, and induce deep relaxation.

Dream Infusion is more than just a tincture; it's a catalyst for transformation. Let go of the stresses of the day and immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of this harmonious blend. Feel the tensions melt away as your mind drifts into a state of peaceful repose, allowing you to fully embrace the present moment.

Whether you're seeking clarity of mind, spiritual enlightenment, or simply a moment of relaxation in a chaotic world, Dream Infusion is your guide to inner serenity. Elevate your meditation practice, expand your consciousness, and awaken your spirit. Illuminate your path to a more relaxed and enlightened existence today.

Does not contain alcohol or hemp extracts. One sample per customer. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chris Armi
Definitely works

Really fascinating stuff, it doesn't feel like my dreams were influenced emotionally but absolutely more vivid and easier to remember the next morning. 10/10 would recommend.

Great product... easily confirming

First, there's more to lucid dreaming than any 1 thing. This product when used with Michael's recommended self-program are the perfect combination to stimulate a lucid dream... or for a person to take steps in that direction.

For me, for my first usage... 1) set my intent, 2) set a time to calm down from the day, 3) shake the bottle to get uniformity, 4) squeeze the dropper to remove all liquid and then suck up a dose (I'm sensitive, so I started with the lowest 0.25). That night I had the longest lucid dream before I actually fell asleep. I recommend this product for people with the self-interest and intent to lucid dream!

Allen Taylor
Great vibes!

I am someone who is able to occasionally have lucid dreams naturally, but what this product has done is interesting. I actually get really bad nightmares just as often as I get lucid dreams, but since I started using this, all my dreams have been really good. I have not had any lucid dreams, but the feeling of waking up with a smile on my face every morning because of the dream still playing in my mind has been nothing short of amazing. I am only angry that I cannot give this product 6 stars!

Libertarian Friendship Simulator Podcast

While I didn't lucid dream I did have very vivid and interesting dreams while sampling. Would definitely recommend.

Jesslyn Blake
Really interesting effects

The first night I used this I used 0.75ml and experienced very subtle, colorful visuals as I was falling asleep (eyes closed). During that time I was neither fully asleep nor fully awake but I felt quite aware of my subconscious as if I was set apart from it and observing. It all happened so fast though and I fell into a restful, dreamless sleep. The second night I used the same dose and did not experience the same effects, so after some research on the herbs I found that some people are more sensitive than others, so perhaps I should adjust the dosage up and see what happens. It smells and tastes bitter, but that’s just part of using nature’s medicine so I don’t mind it. I think I will order more when the bottle is empty!