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Pac Crest Botanicals

Pet Blend

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We create our blends using Full Spectrum pesticide and solvent-free, hemp-derived CBD oil. Meaning the entire cannabis plant is used to provide a wide range of organic plant compounds, like cannabinoids, flavonoids, and other phytonutrients.  These compounds work synergistically with Cannabidiol, stimulating what is called the Entourage Effect. THC is present in trace amounts, always less than 0.3%. 

Customer Reviews

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Pet Blend 3000k

They have a 3000k blend that i use for our 4 dogs (3 older small dogs inherited from our moms) & our 2.5 yr mastiff. Daily the small dogs get at least 2 drops 2x p day, the mastiff gets 5 drops 2x p day.
The other day our old dachshund who has cushings disease started to sieze. I put about 5 drops in his mouth (but was ready to give more!!)
Within a couple of minutes he was good & relaxed.
I love knowing that this is so good for them all. There has been a huge difference for the 15+yr dachshund, he runs around like a pup, a sweet happy old guy. Thanks Michael for such awesome products.


My dog loves this. Chills him out and makes him not take things so seriously.

Love it for my 2 puppies 🐶

I have 2 big puppies and one is happy-go-lucky and the other is such a nervous anxiety ridden girl.. I find it helps her mellow down alot when she can't sit still.. she was abused before we got her so she is nervous around new and certain people.. soo this helps with that a ton ! Will be ordering more sure !! Also my dogs love the bacon 🥓 😋 flavor 😋 great cbd product ❤❤

Chaz Sanders
Amazing for helping dogs with pain and sleep

This works wonders. I bought this to help with my chocolate lab/pit bull mix, who struggles with hip displacement issues. I have tried all the chews, drops, and pills you can think of. All left him awake at night in pain and unable to walk/run. After trying this for a week straight, he is walking and even running with no problem. He is sleeping comfortably and soundly throughout the night. I can tell he is a happier dog! GREAT product! 10/10!!